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Food products

Fermented rye malt is a natural product containing no additives, grown and collected in the fields of Ukraine, Russian Federation. Is produced with the use of modern technologies by increment, soaking, drying and grinding. During the processing gains the color from brown to dark-brown. Finished product has sour-sweet taste reminiscent of the taste of rye bread.


Unfermented malt is a natural product containing no additives, grown and collected in the fields of Ukraine, Russian Federation. Is produced with the use of modern technologies by increment, drying and grinding. During the processing gains the color of light - yellow with a grayish tinge. Has sweet taste, contains proteins, soluble carbohydrates, enzymes and mineral salts.


Starch syrup - a product of incomplete starch hydrolysis. This is a thick, sticky and sweet in taste light yellow mass.
 Treacle is made from raw material - starch, obtained from purified corn. This substance is heated with a weak hydrochloric or sulfuric acid solution on increased pressure. 


Contains in fair quantity linoleic acid (referring to the group of Omega-6) and linolenic acid, similar in its effect on the human body to polyunsaturated acids Omega-3 contained in linseed oil or fish oil. This product reaches the state of the oil due to mustard seed treatment. At the same time, mustard oil
during processing does not lose useful properties of mustard seeds.


Has the appearance of a viscous thick dark brown fluid with a characteristic smell of rye bread, sweet-sour in taste. Kvass wort concentrate contains vitamins (B1, B2, PP, D), pantothenic acid, macro and trace elements (Fe, K, Na, Ca, Mg, P, S, Cl, Mo).
Kvass wort concentrate is used in the baking industry for custard breads preparation, as well as is the most suitable type of raw material for kvass production.

 Has a rich aroma and pungent, spicy aftertaste.
 The taste of coriander seeds is very different from the taste of its greenery. This product has a dry lemon and pepper nuances. Coriander is widely used in the canning of different products: fish salting, sauerkraut making, mushrooms pickling, cooking meat (eg stewed meat) and fish, cheeses.Also, coriander is used in the manufacture of bakery and confectionery products (cakes, cookies, cakes and different pastry baking). Coriander is important flavor, enriches the taste of sausages and other meat products.

Seeds of white caraway are very common in the Indian national cuisine. For many centuries these people have found many uses for this product, from its use in vegetable dishes ending with rice. White caraway seeds are practically absent in the sale.


This is a natural polymer, which is one of the few sources of raw materials for organic food, chemical and other industries. Maize starch can be used separately or in conjunction with a modified food starch to produce more dense and viscous structures in sauces, desserts and dry mixes. It has fast-congealing structure and is used in the bakery industry to control the dough density and gives friable properties to the dry biscuits and crackers.


and fructose syrup is the most popular sugar substitute, among many other natural sweeteners. It is widely used around the world, and its technological and organoleptic characteristics compete with cane and beet sugar, and therefore it is in great demand in the food industry today. Production of glucose and fructose syrup is much more efficient than beet sugar production due to year-round capabilities of its processing to produce additional products: such as oil and forage.


From Polish powidla - food product obtained by boiling the fruit or berry puree with sugar. For more variety of flavor spices (cinnamon, cloves, etc.) are added. Jam is evenly pureed product from the pulp of fruits or berries with sufficient pectin. If the puree has a low acidity, then lemon acid or other food acid is added. Ready jam must necessarily contain not more than 34% moisture and not less than 60% sugar. 


 Beta-carotin 0.2% (also known as additive E160a) is used to describe a group of substances that have a chemical formula Ń40H56. According to its structure E160a represents hydrocarbons belonging to the group of carotenoids. Carotin is an orange pigment that is formed as a result of plant photosynthesis. The name “carotin” is derived from the Latin “carota” - which translates as “carrot”. As practice shows, the higher the dominant feature of product’ orange color is, the more carotin it contains.

These are white crystals (transparent), which are readily soluble in water, the molecular formula of substance is (NH4) HCO3. In air at room temperature a chemical reaction of carboammonium food salt’ oxidation starts already, the rate of this process depends on its moisture content. Carboammonium salt is used in food industry in the manufacture of bakery and confectionery products instead of chemical leavening agent in substitution of ammonium carbonate.

Sesame seeds (from Lat. Sesamum) are used in confectionery, cooking and baking industry as a flavoring. Also, sesame seeds are used in the production of oil. Sesame seeds obtain their full taste during roasting. Sesame is widely used in many oriental sweets such as halva and nuts-and-honey bars. Sesame oil finds his fans mainly in the Asian market. Sesame contains fats, carbohydrates, vitamin E, the entire group of vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.


Blue poppyseed has a sweet smell, which gives to the dishes flavor and aroma of walnut. Blue poppyseed is widely used in the bakery and confectionery products. Also, blue poppyseed could be added to all kinds of salads. Blue poppyseed has the original taste when you add it to the honey as a filling for pancakes. Blue poppyseed contains 55% fatty oil, 20% protein, 20% carbohydrate.


The kernel of sunflower seeds is widely used in confectionery, culinary and bakery industries. The main body of sunflower kernels make up fats, as well as they contain amino acids, protein, magnesium, B, E and C vitamins. As a result, sunflower kernel is the storage room for healthy human body.


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