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 Maltose syrup is made of corn meal, without prior starch separation. Corn flour is mixed with water in the correct proportions, fermented malt is added, which reacts with corn flour at 50-65 C, and is left for saccharification. The resulting hydrolyzate is filtered and cleaned of contaminants, the syrup boiled to a density of 1.4 and a solids content of 78%.
Maltose syrup has a distinctive light brown color and slightly malty aroma. The content of reducing substances (in terms of maltose) is not less than 65% of solids. Treacle is widely used in the manufacture of confectionery products, enters into the composition of the caramel, preserves the transparency of the caramel due to the presence of treacle. Also, treacle is used in the canning industry, in the manufacture of some varieties of grain and spices, as well as to lower the freezing point of the product treacle is used in frozen desserts and frozen products/


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