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 This product is a component that improves the taste of beer and kvass. Coriander enters into the composition almost of all the complex oriental classic spicery mixtures, such as “masala”. Coriander, as a cardamom, is often used for beer production in Europe.
Coriander has
a beneficial effect on the liver in the case of lethargy and stagnation in it, and improves appetite. For this purpose, it can be used not only as a seasoning.
Coriander is useful as a part of complex therapy in the treatment of obesity because of its property to distribute the fat all over the body.

The fact
is that he is not hot, but rather cool. This spice is particularly useful and enjoyable as an additive in ground form and in beans - in salads and soups. This spice is used in the preparation of kvass, pizza, sauerkraut, in potato, beans and sweet dishes, syrups, puddings, mousse.

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