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Maize starch
 Starch helps to control the crust in the baked products. It also increases the friability of dough and bread crumbs and allows you to control the dough viscosity. This product can be used for molding as a form filler while drying fruit-gelatin, jelly candies, and is used as the chocolate substitute for controlling the properties of chocolate melting.
The starch paste obtained while boiling is used as a link in wet granulation and in dense masses, which are used for paints. Maize starch can also be used as a moisture absorbent for the talc powder and other pharmaceutical powders. In order to lower humidity over-dried maize starch is used in the confectionery industry while manufacturing soft candies and chocolates buildings. Also, maize starch is used in the canning industry. This starch is used for technical purposes in the paper industry, textile and medical industries.

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