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Glucose and fructose syrup
This product is produced exclusively from starch syrup by converting part of the glucose of the treacle into fructose. At the same time glucose and fructose syrup must contain not less than 71% of dry matter. Of these, 52% glucose, 42% fructose, 6% oligosaccharides. In some countries they produce syrup with 90% fructose.
Indicators of the glucose and fructose syrup such as the level of viscosity, sweetness and osmotic pressure are similar to the inverter, but it contains almost no degradation products of sugars. Glucose and fructose syrup is widely used in the manufacture of soft drinks, baby food, canned food, confectionary and dairy industries. Syrup is an integral component of health food for people with diabetes, as well as a healthy diet of athletes.


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