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Beta carotin 0,2%

Beta-carotin 0.2% (also known as additive E160a) is used to describe a group of substances that have a chemical formula Ń40H56. According to its structure E160a represents hydrocarbons belonging to the group of carotenoids. Carotin is an orange pigment that is formed as a result of plant photosynthesis. The name carotin” is derived from the Latincarota” - which translates as carrot”. As practice shows, the higher the dominant feature of product’ orange color is, the more carotin it contains.

In the food industry, Beta-carotin (E160a),is used as a natural coloring agent. It is used in soft drinks, juices, dairy, confectionery and other products.
By the way, scientists have found several ways to use Beta-carotin, in particular, it is widely used in nanotechnology and medicine.

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