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Participant of the        The best domestic      Participant of the       Production of high      Participant of the 11th international          product in 2007        13th  international      quality competitive     15th international
exhibition “Bread/                                         exhibition “Bread/     products                      exhibition “Bread/
Confectionery                                                Confectionery            
(100 best goods            Confectionery 
, Kiev                                                    
2008”, Kiev                of Ukraine 2009)           2010”, Kiev 

   Winner of thecontest       New high-quality              
Participant of the              Participant of the
   "The best good of the      product "Hleboprom"       12
th international            16 th international
     year" 2006                     presentation 2006           
  exhibition “Bread/           exhibition 
    Confectionery                   “Bread-2011"
      2007”, Kiev     


20th anniversary of       Laureate of the             Laureate of the            Winner of the 
Private enterprise         contest “100                  contest “100                 contest “100 
“Rotor” founding,         best goods  of                best goods of               best goods of  
2010                              Ukraine 2008”               Ukraine 2009”               Ukraine 2010”

 The best domestic                             Participant of the exhibition  
  product in 2006                                  “Colorful Ukraine”, 2006

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